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Train your children to be Independent, Parenting Series!

Train your children to be Independent, Parenting Series!

If I was doing everything right. Then why it’s getting worst day by day? All -tough, I believed from the bottom of my heart that praising my children and about every effort of mine for them is going to work. This will automatically boost their self-confidence. Mysterious Self Questioning I could not understand, Why my […]

Challenges of 21st Century Education, Change!

Challenges of 21st Century Education. Change!

Unchanged For the future to work we are going to need a revolution in our education system. At the moment we are failing. I have been working in education for the past 30 years. In that time I have seen change after change after change, initiative following initiative. I have seen political swings to the […]

Early child development with words, Language!

Improving early child development with words

Predictor There is a profound predictor of health and wealth that can be determined by three years of age. That predictor is language. Language is the essence of what it means to be human. Now, animals may have noises or gestures that they can communicate with, I can assure you, my cat can get me up out […]

Pakistan Flood, Monsoon 2022, Story of Flood Victim

Pakistan flood, monsoon 2022

I bare witness It was midnight, a scream wakes me up and left me wondering. It was monsoon 2022 and rain continued for more than 4 days. Yeah it was tough time for villagers like me who have to live in mud houses, use to work in fields and rely on livestock farming to meet […]