Motivation! Fear of Failure, Skills, Focus and Risk

Motivation! Fear of Failure, Skills, Focus and Risk

When it comes to motivation, we always go for motivation quotes but what about self motivation, Skills, Focus, Risk and Fear of Failure.

Goal and Motivation

Tragedy of life doesn’t lie and not reaching your goal. The tragedy of Life lies in having no goal to reach. it isn’t a Calamity to die with dream. sun fulfilled but it is a Calamity not to dream.

It is not a disgrace to not to reach the stars but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for. there’s no excuses here and every excuse that you tell yourself every lie that you tell yourself every little story you tell yourself about not being able to do what it is you want to do because or whatever it is. That’s just you telling yourself another thing that will keep you where you are for a longer period of time. And where you are is somewhere that you don’t want to be.

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure can keep you from taking risks. It can leave you sitting there paralyzed into not taking action. But I don’t want you to overcome fear of failure. I want you to be afraid of failure. Fear of failure is good. The fear of failure will keep you up at night, planning and rehearsing. But in order to become that somebody, you’ve got to discover what is it that my body loves doing. What is it that my mind can’t take off of it. Or what is it that keeps me up at night and what is it that stirs me up when I see it.

And what gets me emotionally involved, engaged and connected. Fear of failure will keep you training hard. fear of failure will stop you from cutting corners. And fear of failure will keep you working, thinking striving and relentlessly trying to be more prepared for battle.

Purpose and Motivation

So I want you to be afraid of failing. Because you filed your call and calling is the exact word you want to use because your passion and your purpose have been calling you before you were born. If you wake up in the morning you start having negative thoughts. Man this ain’t my day, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I just don’t feel myself in the middle of the day. If you feel yourself doing that just stop for a second and start going over in your mind everything you have to be grateful for. Everything you already have because what you have is substantial.

You just haven’t gone over the list and taken inventory in a long time. There is no secret there is no quick fix. There is no hack, there is no path of least resistance. The quickest way for you to go from where you are to where you want to be is that you’re trying to avoid doing it. I’ll tell you right now you might not be in control of what the world gives you but you’re always in control of what you accept.

Actual Fear of Failure

This life is not an external battle. My people, this life is an internal War. Your greatest battle is here. So my question I’m going to ask you right now is, what are the things that are in your control, that you can change right now to care, control and change. The internal dialogue that you’re having within yourself. I want you to be horrified and terrified of sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. That is what I want you to be afraid of waking up in six days or six weeks or six years or 60 years and being no closer to your goal.

Take the risk

Motivation! Fear of Failure, Skills, Focus and Risk

You’ve made no progress that is the horror. That is the nightmare, that is what you really need to be afraid of being stagnant. So get up and go, take the risk, take the gamble, take the first step, take action. You have to realize what a risk can get you. A risk can get you lesson, risk can get you involved, risk gen get you going and risk can also get you success And don’t let another day slip by. The very thing you’re pursuing in your life is very simple it is fulfillment.


That’s it now, I sum up fulfillment very simply. How do you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself. Do you feel good, do you feel like you’re making the most of your life. Are you tapping into what the Greeks call Technique. So you really have to work hard for a set of skills that matter to you.

Now the skills have to matter. That’s a key part of the equation. Once the skills matter to you and they allow you to serve not only yourself but other people and then you actually go and serve those people. I want you to understand the importance of skills. And I also want you to know that how far can skills take you.

But I want to make sure that everybody understands the game that you’re playing is a game of neuro chemistry.

Learning from Mistakes

A fool never learns a smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from the mistakes of others. They know what you’re supposed to do. Your steps are already lined up but you got to get in line. It’s got to be something that you pursue. And that it means the world to you. There’s got to be something that if it were for free.

I would still do it but because when you go after the thing that you’re called to do. Your calling will take care of you. Money and things that you were worried about you don’t have to concern yourself with that it will make a way. but only when you make that way towards your passion. Find motivation within yourself.


It can also be helpful to try and find a role model or someone to look up to. If you have someone to aspire to, it can make it much easier to stay motivated and keep pushing yourself.

Motivation will not come from reading motivation quotes or by posting them on Instagram. Motivation will come from very deep inner-self. You will face the fear of failure but your skills will get you going

One of the best ways to get motivated is to set yourself some specific goals. Once you have a goal in mind, it can be much easier to work towards it and stay on track. Keep your goals realistic and achievable, and don’t be afraid to break them down into smaller steps if necessary.

Of course, there will be times when motivation is hard to come by. When this happens, it’s important to not be too hard on yourself

Change is Important after all.

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