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How to Achieve Everything in Life, Self-Belief

How to Achieve Everything in Life, Self-Belief

Self-Belief! I recognize the game to get something you need in existence. Before I proportion it with you, let’s talk about that. We do not get what we need. Self-doubt We all have a worry of failure, worry of rejection, and a worry of now no longer being desirable enough. But all of these matters […]

How Long It Takes To Change Your Life?


Want to Change? Have you ever thought to yourself before going to sleep tomorrow is the day I’ll change. Tomorrow is the day I’ll get up early in the morning. I will have a healthy breakfast, go for a morning jog and breathe fresh air. Tomorrow is the day I want to change to who […]

Challenges of 21st Century Education, Change!

Challenges of 21st Century Education. Change!

Unchanged For the future to work we are going to need a revolution in our education system. At the moment we are failing. I have been working in education for the past 30 years. In that time I have seen change after change after change, initiative following initiative. I have seen political swings to the […]

SUCCESS! Work hard in silence and shock them

Work hard in silence and shock them with your success

Introduction Sometimes you got to take a break from just about everything that disappear come back and shock the world with your success. I’m talking to that athlete. I’m talking to that administrator. I’m talking to that nurse. that doctor I’m talking to that student. Yes I’m talking to that communicator I’m talking to that […]